Great work, Pauras! Keep it up. Very few people care to share their knowledge and I am happy to know that my student is one of them.

One of my favourite teachers had once told me – ” Success is not achieved by doing extra ordinary things, but by doing ordinary things extraordinarily.” Your good work will definitely lead you towards success.

Marks aren’t an important criteria for being successful; thirst for knowledge, focus and wisdom are the required qualities and you have both.

All the very best for your future. Achieve all your goals and keep guiding juniors in achieving their goals.

Mrs. Priyanka Shah

Honestly speaking, marks are not the only criteria of knowledge and intellect. But, yes, in today’s world, that is the yard-stick because your admission to various fields depends on this.

Pauras has done a good job by through his website. He has put in lots of efforts even after his 10th exams, when other students are busy enjoying freedom from school, uniform, …… and dreaming about alluring college life.

I feel really blessed to have Pauras as my student. He is very modest, sincere and dedicated student. Teachers impart knowledge to all the students without discrimination but it all depends on the person on the receiving end to make it or lose it. He had solved so many Sanskrut papers, that I used to get tired looking at his efforts and at all times, I used to ask him not to solve any more papers of Sanskrut.

He had left no stones unturned and he was very determined about his goals. It is rightly said, you can take a mare to water, but can not make it drink. Similarly, we Sanskrut teachers do our best, but then, students like Pauras make gold of it and that’s the immense pleasure.

He not only hit the dead-line but he has beaten the dead-line which he had decided to for himself.

He had set some goals in his mind, and then he diverted all his focus on them, and the result is a marvel.

I pray and wish, may all his dreams come true and may he grow as a honest person.

Mrs. Anita Anil Patil