English (03) March 2017 Solution

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Eng M 17 S0001Eng M 17 S0002Eng M 17 S0003Eng M 17 S0004Eng M 17 S0005Eng M 17 S0006Eng M 17 S0007Eng M 17 S0008Eng M 17 S0009Eng M 17 S0010Eng M 17 S0011Eng M 17 S0012Eng M 17 S0013Eng M 17 S0014Eng M 17 S0015Eng M 17 S0016Eng M 17 S0017Eng M 17 S0018Eng M 17 S0019Eng M 17 S0020Eng M 17 S0021Eng M 17 S0022Eng M 17 S0023Eng M 17 S0024Eng M 17 S0025Eng M 17 S0026Eng M 17 S0027



15 thoughts on “English (03) March 2017 Solution

  1. Exams are near plz upload the solved papers of English ,Hindi and Marathi as soon as possible. Also plz try to provide me the link through E-mail.plz plz plz……


  2. Sorry for the delay. Will upload today itself. Sorry, but I won’t be able to do Hindi as I am a Sanskrut student, yet please be benefitted by other subjects


  3. Yes… One day more please… Papers are already written.. but can’t be uploaded due to technical errors… Please come back tomorrow… You won’t be disappointed 😓


  4. Why did you got only 4 marks instead of 5 in verbal to non verbal, even when everything was correct?


  5. Can’t say… I know they can give full 5, but may be the moderator wanted something more, maybe to make it cleaner, or something like this…. These are the marks they gave me in boards, so it can be that the highest scorer wrote it better or so, and the boards have to keep the minimum number of top scorers


  6. Plz answer
    Does making all writing skills 1 and a half page important or which writing skills should I write till 1 and a half page? Did you pay any special attention to anything to get more than 70 then plz tell me as I never reached 70?


  7. Almost all writing skills should be written in 1 and 1/2 page of board answersheet (the actual board answersheet is bit Smaller, you may have noticed uptil now). Formal letter, Information Transfer, View-counterview, can be done in one page.
    One tip if you are attempting dialogue writing, you can make a table as I have done Iin Sanskrut paper last question.
    Most important thing for English is that you have to practice writing a lot and get it checked from a good teacher (who checks deeply and gives alternative good words and phrases etc). But I think time’s up for this. You should know to include the good words, phrases, quotes from the lessons (textbook) itself in the writing skills. That is more appreciated from application point of view (of course, only if you use it in correct context). Start or end each personal response with APPROPRIATE quotes. And I don’t think I have to tell much about grammar (you can ask any doubt if you have). Last but not the least, you have to keep your paper WELL PRESENTED as I have shown in my posts.


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