Geography – Economics (73) March 2017 Solution

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Geog M 17 SGeog M 17 S_0001Geog M 17 S_0002Geog M 17 S_0003Geog M 17 S_0004Geog M 17 S_0005Geog M 17 S_0006Geog M 17 S_0007Geog M 17 S_0008Geog M 17 S_0009Geog M 17 S_0010Geog M 17 S_0011Geog M 17 S_0012Geog M 17 S_0013Geog M 17 S_0014Geog M 17 S_0015Geog M 17 S_0016Geog M 17 S_0017Geog M 17 S_0018Geog M 17 S_0019Geog M 17 S_0020Geog M 17 S_0021Geog M 17 S_0022Geog M 17 S_0023Geog M 17 S_0024Geog M 17 S_0025

Note : The prime purpose of the post is better presentation. Answers in the actual board’s answer key may be different.

Friends, in this presentation post, there are only a few things like leaving lines, drawing borders, drawing map scale in stencil maps, etc. which are not essential. However, as told before it is better to draw them. Map scale to drawn in stencil maps because the chief-moderator may expect it as it is one of the map elements.

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Social Sciences (73) Paper & Study Tips

Thanks, wish you the best. Meet you in the next post.

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