Geometry (71) March 2017 Solution

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Geom M 17 SGeom M 17 S_0001Geom M 17 S_0002Geom M 17 S_0003Geom M 17 S_0004Geom M 17 S_0005Geom M 17 S_0006Geom M 17 S_0007Geom M 17 S_0008Geom M 17 S_0009Geom M 17 S_0010Geom M 17 S_0011Geom M 17 S_0012Geom M 17 S_0013Geom M 17 S_0014Geom M 17 S_0015Geom M 17 S_0016Geom M 17 S_0017Geom M 17 S_0018Geom M 17 S_0019Geom M 17 S_0020Geom M 17 S_0021Geom M 17 S_0022Geom M 17 S_0023Geom M 17 S_0024Geom M 17 S_0025Geom M 17 S_0026

Note 1 : The prime purpose of the post is better presentation. Answers in the actual board’s answer key may differ to a negligible extent.

Note 2 : I have solved a few extras here to show the marking scheme. You all please never do it. (Refer point 3 below)

Well, in the above paper, too, there a few things that are not too much necessarily; but again, if time permits, it’s better to write/make due to some reasons. Those are as follows :-

  1. Leaving lines after question/ certain steps. (Better to leave because then the paper looks neat and spaciously written even if handwriting is not so good)
  2. Writing reasons of ‘Subtracting/Adding/Dividing/Multiplying’. However, all other reasons are compulsory.
  3. Extra sub-questions (A complete NO NO NO to solving extra questions, because you have to do a lot more things in each sub-questions so you may not finish the paper in time. So, in Mathematics, make the best choice possible and write that so perfectly that no one would be able to cut marks in it – This is what the moderators have told me).
  4. Writing main questions like ‘Attempt any 5 out of 6’, etc. (Totally not required, but see that the question no. is correctly written)
  5. Drawing the border lines and lines between the answers. (Better to draw because your paper looks neater.)
  6. Writing complete theorem/diagram statements. (well writing the statements makes the answer more informative and clear)
  7. Diagrams for all questions (Usually it is told that draw diagrams only where constructions… that’s true for 1 and 2 marks questions… but for 3 to 5 marks questions, we should draw diagrams in each and every question if possible… even if there’s no construction…. Also, diagrams are super-compulsory in theorems; without them, 0 marks are credited)

So, over here, unlike Science,  there were few not-so-compulsory, but better-to-write things.

In order to understand the things quite more clearly, travel to the following link:

Mathematics (71) Paper & Study Tips

So, everyone, bid you a sweet bye for time-being; meet you sooner or later.

# For Educational Purposes only.


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