History – Political Science (73) March 2017 Solution

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Hist M 17 SHist M 17 S_0001Hist M 17 S_0002Hist M 17 S_0003Hist M 17 S_0004Hist M 17 S_0005Hist M 17 S_0006Hist M 17 S_0007Hist M 17 S_0008Hist M 17 S_0009Hist M 17 S_0010Hist M 17 S_0011Hist M 17 S_0012Hist M 17 S_0013Hist M 17 S_0014Hist M 17 S_0015Hist M 17 S_0016Hist M 17 S_0017Hist M 17 S_0018Hist M 17 S_0019Hist M 17 S_0020Hist M 17 S_0021Hist M 17 S_0022

Note : The prime purpose of the post is better presentation. Answers in the actual board’s answer key may be different.

Some parts of the presentation are totally not required but if possible and if time permits, it is better we do.

Not so required parts are :

  1. Writing the questions. (It is better to write because the examiner won’t have to look in the question paper back and again, reducing his/her efforts setting a good impression on her)
  2. Leaving lines after question/points. (Better to leave because then the paper looks neat and spaciously written even if handwriting is not so good)
  3. Title for each answer and boxing it. (However, doing so will reduce the efforts of the examiner to read the questions. If you do this, it will be fine even if you don’t write the questions.)
  4. Writing main questions like ‘Answer in 20-30 words each’, etc. (Totally not required, but see that the question no. is correctly written)
  5. Drawing the border lines and lines between the answers. (Better to draw because your paper looks neater.)
  6. Drawing table for match the following (When you draw it the options have a better view). It’s OK even if you don’t draw but see that you have written correct answer option with the words like (c)Nazi Party.
  7. Writing full paragraphs of main points for Q.5. Just writing 3-4 important sub-points in each main point would be enough. (better to write full paragraph if you have learned because you never know what is important in view of the examiner).
  8. Writing the dates (it won’t matter for the examiner and moderator if you don’t write date; but if you write the wrong date even the examiner will cut a mark if you have scored 40. So write the date only when you’re 100% sure).

Just take a look in the following link:

Social Sciences (73) Paper & Study Tips

A sweet adieu for now only.

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