Sanskrit (27) March 2017 Solution

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SAN M 17 S_0001

SAN M 17 S_0002

SAN M 17 S_0003

SAN M 17 S_0004

SAN M 17 S_0005

SAN M 17 S_0006

SAN M 17 S_0007

SAN M 17 S_0008

SAN M 17 S_0009

SAN M 17 S_0010

SAN M 17 S_0011

SAN M 17 S_0012

SAN M 17 S_0013

SAN M 17 S_0014

SAN M 17 S_0015

SAN M 17 S_0016

SAN M 17 S_0017

SAN M 17 S_0018

SAN M 17 S_0019

SAN M 17 S_0020

SAN M 17 S_0021

SAN M 17 S_0022

SAN M 17 S_0023

SAN M 17 S_0024

SAN M 17 S_0025

SAN M 17 S_0026

SAN M 17 S_0027

SAN M 17 S_0028

SAN M 17 S_0029

SAN M 17 S_0030
SAN M 17 S_0031

SAN M 17 S_0032

SAN M 17 S_0033SAN M 17 S_0034

So, friends, in Sanskrut, there aren’t much things which are not so requires. In case of writing, the board has instructed to write the question statements compulsorily. Other things like boxes, pencils clues in Q. 5 F] Do as directed, etc. need not be done, but yet, better if done to make the paper more presentable and informative. However, the question of time doesn’t arise here. For now, I take your leave. Click on the following link for more:

Languages- English (03), Marathi (16), Sanskrit (27) Paper & Study Tips


3 thoughts on “Sanskrit (27) March 2017 Solution

  1. ZERO marks for that particular question. But, chance may be there that the teacher is extremely kind and she will write the no. for you (if at all your remaining paper is extremely good), but the probability is one in 10 lakhs; so don’t rely on that. That is the reason I tell to check the question number first and then everything else later.


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