Hello, friends. I am writing to you all after such a long time. I am very sorry for the delay, but nevertheless, thanks for reminding me about this. I hope you all understand that only a few days remaining for the SSC Board examination 2018. I wish you all, well in advance, all the best and do your best for the exam. Now, without wasting time, let’s move on to the actual useful part of the post.


Friends, I hope you all understand that about 10 days only are remaining for the final battle. So, now, given below is set of rules or instructions or suggestions, whatever you call it; which you must start following strictly now:

  1. I know that I have told you all earlier that it is OK to study late night if you comfortable. But, now it is the time to realize that SSC boards exams won’t be taken in the night, just because you are comfortable then. So, Start a habit of sleeping early from now itself so that you will be in the best of yourself during the examination days.
  2. Please stop eating outside food which may cause unrest in your stomach and disturb you in this important time. This suggestions goes for during examination days also.
  3. Even at home, Avoid heavy meals. Non-vegetarians please don’t eat non-veg meals at least on most of the days. During exam days, if you have no exam the next day, it is fine if you have little. (Note that I am a hardcore non-vegetarian; then too, I did not eat during exam days).
  4. Please do not follow any weight loss diet up to the end of exams. You need to have a wholesome healthy meal to keep yourself in the best state.
  5. I understand that everyone of you must have studied the whole year, and now you are perfect with the syllabus so cool down in these days. Go out for playing, or for a stroll out, etc.
  6. Stop playing HEAVY outside games like football, etc. which may cause you injuries and make you dysfunctional in some or the other way.
  7. Don’t study anything new in these days. Reserve this days only for revision. You have 10 days remaining and you have 10 subjects to be done. So, keep each day for the revision of each subject; that too in reverse order. Like, if I.C.T. or Geography-Economics is the last paper; keep and the first day of revision for that particular subject and so on.
  8. Do not stop the practice of writing at all. Even if I have asked you to relax in these days, you should write some topics for practice like writing skills, difficult answers, etc. just to keep up with the pace of writing.
  9. Whenever time permits, visit your teachers and elder loved ones to seek their blessings.


In general, one thing you should do for revision is go through your previously written papers. See and understand your mistakes. In Language papers, read your personal responses very well. Most important – Don’t ignore your previous silly mistakes. Those are the ones which make a blunder of the paper on the actual examination day.

  1. ENGLISH: Practise writing skills. Go through your proverbs and quotes list (if you haven’t made one, please go to the Language tips section; I’ve already put one there) and make sure that you know satisfying number of quotes for each topic.
  2. MARATHI: Revise your Rapid reading question-answers, some ready personal responses I had asked you all to make like favorite poet, etc. Practise writing skills. Go through your proverbs and quotes list.
  3. SANSKRUT: Revise the translations of Unseen. Practise writing the verses (Important task), and essays. Go through your English and Marathi quotes’ lists.
  4. MATHEMATICS: Be thorough with your formula lists. Know the geometry theorems very well. Go through the HOTS questions. Solve few questions properly for writing practice.
  5. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Be perfect with the definitions and values. Practise diagrams. Go through all the objective questions. Solve numericals for practice.
  6. SOCIAL SCIENCES: Read out the entire textbook LOUD and CLEAR. After this, if time permits, write down two/three 4 marks questions to keep up with writing practice.



  • You need to be calm one day before the exam.
  • Do not stress out yourself.
  • Go for a round out with your family.
  • Have a nice talk with your friends. If you are comfortable with any of your teacher, then a talk with a teacher is the best.
  • Revise only a little before the exams. (not as above; that is for revision before the exams begin)
  • Sleep early to wake up fresh the next day.
  • Keep your bag ready with all the required material one day prior to the exam. No delay should be done to this. Make a list of materials which you need to take on the exam, so that you can pack your bag accordingly without forgetting anything. Attached below is a list I used for myself. (Made some modifications for you all. Please note that some things are not required so much like stapler, fevistick, etc. Whitener is rather not allowed to be used. But you never know what urgency may arise. So, better be on a safer side) Download –

    SSC Bag

  • Some instructions regarding the materials in the bag –
  • Hall ticket and watch are something which cannot be forgotten at all. Use a plastic cover for your hall ticket.
  • All pencils should be sharpened well before. At least 4 sharpened normal pencils should be kept ready, so that you do not waste time sharpening them during exam.
  • Writing pad should be cleaned using a eraser because when you draw lines for presentation, the marks (impressions) come on the writing pad, which later come on your next paper’s answer-sheet.
  • Erasers also should be cleaned by rubbing on a blank plain paper. Similarly, you should clean your rulers too (the sides and edges).
  • Refills of used pens should be changed for EVERY PAPER; even if only half is used. Once you refill, you should write one small paragraph with that particular pen.
  • Use that pen only which you have been using daily. Don’t use any special pen for exam. You need to be comfortable even with your pen.
  • Among the materials included in the sheet above, make two compass boxes / pouch (whatever you call it). One for the most essential ones (pens, pencils, erasers, sharpener) and everything else in a second one. For geometry paper, shift the compass (rounder) to the pouch with essential material.
  • Your bag should not have anything else except this material and a water bottle. In others words, it should include only those things, you are going to take inside the examination block.


  • Get up early so that you can carry out your daily chores without any hurry; so that do not get panic.
  • Seek blessings of elderly in the house.
  • Pray to the God(s) of your choice and faith. Read some holy text/ mantra/ etc. Trust me it helps.
  • Leave the house with a happy, calm, and confident mind. Believe in yourself, whatever you have studies.

  • If you want revise anything at all again like formulae etc., do it in the house only. NO REVISION ONCE YOU STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE. And, I am damn serious about this.
  • Once, you reach the exam centre, and meet your friends; don’t talk much. Little informal chat is fine, but limit yourself to talking; because the more you talk and if some study topics comes in the discussion, and at that moment if you don’t remember (although you actually know it well), you will get panic.
  • Even among friends, talk to your very good friends; and ignore the non-sense, comparative people (hope you all understand what I am talking about) (no offence intended).


First, let me explain to you the distribution of time during exam. The tips (work segregation) for that particular slot are given after the segregation.

  1. REPORTING TIME – Reporting time for the exam is half an hour before the actual time of exam. That is you have to reach the examination center by 10.30 am. The examination center authorities will take you in at that time in order to complete some formalities and other tasks. While on the way to the examination block, neither hurry nor be slow.
  2. HALF HOUR BEFORE THE EXAM – This time is officially allotted for official work. This can be divided into two parts (three parts according to me). The first twenty minutes are for the actual formalities like filling up the details, etc. The next ten minutes (10 minutes before actual exam writing time) are for reading the question paper.
  3. WRITING TIME – This is the actual time of writing the paper, that is 11.00 am to 1.00 / 2.00 pm

Tasks and tips for half an hour before the paper:

  • Even though the actual time for the filling of details, etc. has been given 20 minutes; it actually takes only 5 to 10 minutes only. So, we are now going to optimize this 20 minutes time.
  • First of all, you enter the examination room/ block keeping the bag out first. (Coming in, removing all the material, again going out to keep the bag makes it hectic) Ensure that you have taken all the required material in including your water bottle (because you are not allowed to go out again once paper time starts for any reason).
  • Sit comfortably and take a deep long breath. Enhance your confidence.
  • As soon as you get your answer sheet, before writing anything, check all the pages. Ensure that no page is torn, scribbled on, crampled, etc. If so, ask your supervisor to another one, he/she can’t deny for that. If he/she denies, ask your parents to complain to the examination centre head on the same day itself after the paper.
  • Next, write your examination seat number in the space provided. Even if you have learnt, your seat number very well, then too look and copy it from the hall ticket. Next fill up all the required details in the spaces provided. When you get the barcode sticker, check all the information on the barcode. Barcode has to be in the upper horizontal box only (be careful regarding this) (dotted line on barcode sticker should match the dotted line on page). Look at the following image for a illustration.Examination Tips0001
  • Language of medium – This has to be your school medium language for EVERY paper. That is, if you are studying in a English medium school, language of medium will be ENGLISH for ALL subjects; also for Marathi/ Hindi/ Sanskrut, it will English only.
  • Note that it will be better if the details are filled in BLOCK LETTER. (no official rule like this, just a suggestion)
  • All this will get completed in 10 minutes.
  • Next 10 minutes should be utilized for presentation purpose. All the required lines should be drawn on all the pages. (See the image for reference : Red arrows only to show which lines are to drawn. You should not draw those arrows)Examination Tips0002
  • In Geography paper, as I have said in Geography Tips, you can draw the stencil outlines and fixed elements (like direction arrow, title, Arabian sea, bay of Bengal, Indian ocean), for Q no. 2, if you are using a specific number of pages for each question.
  • In your are done, sharpen your pencils and keep them ready. Drink a little water if time permits, because you won’t remember drinking water once the time starts and drinking water is essential as the climate has become warmer by this time.
  • READING TIME – You will get the question paper to read 10 minutes before actual writing time. First thing first, check whether all pages are clearly printed. Then, write your seat number. Read the question paper properly. Answer short answer questions in your mind itself. Read writing skill questions first in language papers so that you will develop the answers over time. The most important task to be done in this time is select the best questions to attempt, wherever there are options.

Tasks and tips for the writing time:

  • Once the first bell rings, start writing your paper.
  • Stay calm during the entire paper.
  • Once you start writing your paper, that is once you lower your neck for writing the paper; it should not come up until the paper gets over; be it any reason.
  • You should not look here and there for any reason, not even the watch. Mind your own work.
  • Watch should not be seen as far as you can, just go on writing and writing; at the end when you finish writing, you will notice that you have 10-15 minutes in your hand. This time should be used for checking.
  • Don’t try to follow time distribution and all in the final paper. Even I gave such charts for each subjects, but that is only for practice papers. In the final paper, only one thing is truth: GO ON WRITING AND WRITING, BE DEDICATED AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
  • If you need supplement(s), ask before hand; that is once your last page / half page is remaining, so that you can continue writing until the supervisor comes to your place.
  • Remember that you will need the last five minutes of the paper for sticking the holocraft stickers, signing on 2 papers (one is the presence roll and other one is number of supplements paper), writing number of supplements and total on first page, etc. So, better complete all your work before hand.
  • At the last, you should be 100% satisfied while giving your paper back to the supervisor.
  • Remember that, during writing time there will be 3 bells in total. One, at starting, one 15 or 5 minutes before ending and the last one at the end.


  • Do not talk anything about the paper like ‘How was the paper’ etc. to anyone, especially the parents of friends (you can tell everything that happened during the paper to your parents).
  • If at all anyone asks you, just answer “good” and nothing else, never answer “bad”/ “accha nahi gaya”. Never tell anyone if you have mistaken anywhere.
  • Just go home, be cool, have your lunch and take a relaxing power nap.

On the bottom line, Follow my tips/ suggestions/ advices (whatever you call it), stay calm and cool, be confident and go for it, ace it, come out with flying colours. All the very best for your exam. May God bless you with strength, health during the examination days and always. Pray to God every day.

And get ready for an awesome fun vacation after the exams. One important thing is that enjoy your vacations to your best, and do something useful for yourself and others like I have done and the result is in front of you, Countdown SSC (90% of Countdown SSC was done in my vacations; I wrote the papers again in my vacation for you all). If one is good at writing, do write a book regarding Std. 10th entire year experiences (I wanted to do that, but wasn’t able because I gave all my recreational time for Countdown SSC).

And, when the results come out, don’t forget to tell me your scores.

Note: You can contact me through comments and contact page and other sources given for any thing. I am always there for you all. I will help you my level best.

Please share the link of this post and blog to your friends.

Until we meet again, Bye. Hope that we come in contact some other time.


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