Hello, friends. It has been a long time since I wrote an entire post. Well, the wait is no more. This time, I am going to share few important tips regarding study and related matter. Go on reading and if you like it, PLEASE SHARE THE POST AND WEBSITE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, TEACHERS AND OTHERS so that it may benefit many.

Before actually starting, one very important tip for you all.

One important point to mention is that you will get many suggestions from different sources regarding study and presentation tips (including me). Choose the best which satisfies your mind and make a best set for yourself. After all, you are unique. Ignore all the others.


  • Never ever, set a perfect timetable for your studies. Because, many of them are not able to keep up with it.
  • Instead, I am suggesting what I did – Fix the amount of hours for a particular subject in a week. Give yourself complete freedom to adjust the timings (when to complete those timings). During school days, time for each subject can be 3 hours. You are smart enough to segregate this time into the tasks (like in languages, into writing skills, grammar practice and so on).
  • This amount of hours can almost be doubled when school and classes are done with their portions.
  • Study at any time you feel most comfortable. Like anytime, I mean it. Mixing up daily tasks and their times is totally fine. If you are comfortable at early morning, study at that time. If afternoon, so can you.
  • Don’t sacrifice your sleep at all. Sleep until you feel satisfied. But STUDY.
  • I narrate my experience to you. I am night owl, I can stay up late night upto any extent. So, I used to study from night 9 to morning 6, or night 12 to morning 8 or such. And used to sleep, you can say half a day. In the remaining time, I used to write papers as I had told earlier. Thus, my timetable (not a set one) was totally not an ideal one. But, until it is effective and it doesn’t affect your health, you can go on with it.
  • Study the subject which you find most difficult in the time at which you are most comfortable, relaxed.
  • Always keep a habit of practice of writing skills, grammar, maths sums, formulae etc.
  • During times of much strain like Std. 10th , it is very important to have good physical and mental fitness. (Will speak on physical fitness and health in the examination tips later) In order to maintain mental fitness, you always need to have a break for a short time from the monotony. You can always choose from the variety of entertaining and recreational activities like reading, T.V. (not to be addicted), YouTube (you can watch informative and inspirational videos like that of Sandeep Maheshwari or BeerBiceps, or humourous stress bustors like that of Harsh Beniwal and some scientific videos, etc.) (This list doesn’t include social media at all). But, this has to be done for maximum one or one and half hour per day. (Note: the list examples are those which I chose). Even you can talk to someone cool, great, and dear; talking to whom gives you relief (I used to do this also, with my teachers especially Mrs. Anita Patil and Dr. Rohan Gavankar… I tell you these are really one of the greatest people in my life)
  • Atleast once in a week, go out for an outing. I mean some walk with the family, or restaurant dinner (not during exam days. Will explain in the information tips), etc. for chilling out.


  • Extensive and qualitativepaper writing is important for excelling in the exams.
  • From my point of view, atleast 10 papers should be written PER SUBJECT at home. This number does not include the papers written in school and tuitions. More can be solved for Mathematics if desired. If anyone has enrolled for Phalashruti you can include that number. I tell you I had literally written about 100 papers in total.
  • But, this is not all, important part as marked above is QUALITY. Find good sources of papers, where there is proper marks distribution, variety of questions, good questions etc.
  • Another aspect of quality is GOOD CHECKING. Get it checked from the teachers who give you less marks for proper reasons. Such teachers are usually moderators and chief moderators. Find the best teachers possible and trouble them very much. I know this seems wierd … Troubling teacher and all.. But understand what I mean. Trouble them in a good way by asking them to check papers and asking doubts. Even if you get full marks in a paper, go to the teacher to discuss the paper. There is always a probability that you get something new. I had literally got my last 2 papers of each subject examined and moderated. Phalashruti Papers were always moderated. So about 3/4th of the total papers written by me were moderated which was more useful.
  • Write the papers on board style A4 answersheet and supplements only. Sundaram publication provides the best sheets of this kind. But, Sundaram has two varieties of main answer sheet -8 page and 20 page. You have to take the 20 page one.
  • One important thing to consider is that you should look upon your marks as efficiency enhancers and not as a fuel. This looks so complex, let me elaborate. If you get marks in these practice tests, don’t get demotivated at all. Rather, I would say that it is good that you get less marks. You find your required areas of improvement. Get inspired by those scores and push yourself even harder towards your goal.
  • Don’t even care about the school’s and class’ ranks. I tell you I didn’t rank first; even, I used to perform atrociously bad in these exams. But, at the end, at the final, I gave the required stroke and came up with the rank. (Not intended to boast). After all, it is that final deciding moment.
  • Make files for papers of different subjects. Make a list (different for different subjects) of questions in which you have mistaken and revise those 2 days before the paper.
  • Doing maximum mistakes NOW is fine, but learning from them is important. I know it’s a typical statement, but I mean it.


Decide a goal for yourself and right that on a sheet. The contents of the sheet (goal in big font and the reason you want to get it) should be as given in the example below. Sign it and take your parents’ signatures on it. Stick it on a wall where you usually see, like right in front of your study table or right above your sleeping position. Remind yourself about your responsibility but don’t stress yourself for the same. (Note that the target should be written in present tense)

Target 1

Target 2


  • Please stay away from smartphone in 10th. You can always have a small phone with only the green and red buttons. And if you want to study or refer anything on the internet, you can always use your parents’ phones.
  • Stay cool in the entire process irrespective of the marks, friends’ marks, local competition, society talks and so on. Don’t get demotivated, sad, troubled. Be strong and confident on yourself. Warning you all in advance because I faced such trouble. But luckily I am blessed with a good mentor, guide as Dr. Rohan Gavankar behind me in all my ups and downs. Unfortunately, not everyone get such people. Also, remember that even if (by chance) your parents scold you for marks, or say that they don’t see you studying and hence compare with others, or say that they do not have confidence about you, deep within they always believe you, love you, have confidence in you.
  • Find only good friends who want to progess along with you, and want you to succeed, and not those who are jealous and always keep on comparing marks etc. badly.
  • Always have a good relationship with your teachers. It is very beneficial. Some so-called-friends used to call this चमचागिरी but I can’t explain you the bliss of it. It’s not only about the educational benefit.

I think that was all for this post. I will keep on adding new tips as I remember to this post, so please keep a watch over this post. And again, please do share with your FRIENDS AND TEACHERS.


2 thoughts on “GENERAL STUDY TIPS

  1. Hey, please post general study tips as soon as possible. And also if possible please post a regular timetable to study.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sure. Language tips will be uploaded in a day or two. General tips will be also updated ASAP. Keep a check on the news feed (located at bottom)of the website to know whether a new post is uploaded. Till then you can refer to study tips according to individual subjects. Thanks for the comment. ☺️
    Your SSCbuddy,
    Pauras Mhatre ✌️


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