Resident of Vasai, studying in one of the oldest schools – St. Anthony’s Convent High School, shouldered the responsibility of the Head Boy, myself, Mast. Pauras Pritam Smita Mhatre. Born in the 9th month of the calendar, turning 16 on 19th this year (2017). I  have appeared the Maharashtra S.S.C. Board examination in March 2017 and now awaiting the results.

The philosophy of my life is that I believe in ‘The best in you only comes when you want it to be.’ I cherish on home-made delicacies, literature cited admiration, complete use of art and above all lying cozily under the blanket my parents gifted. The thing I dislike is making fun of others by hurting them or in other words, enjoyment by humiliating others.

My school life blossomed through deep studies, good relations with teachers and all others, leadership responsibilities, extra curricular activities, competitive exams, various competitions at various levels, and a lot more. I have participated and ranked in various competitions and made various projects, including making home-made Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes – mellitus for Google Science Fair. In this school life, especially Standard 10, various teachers have guided and inspired me regarding a variety of things, subjects, presentation, tips, etc. which have been the fuels for me to go on with this site.

Aiming to be a successful medico in my near future with blessings and good wishes of everyone. Now it’s the time to leave the nest, my school, the other home, which has given me enough strength to face the world. But, I believe that how much ever I spread my wings in the real world, I’ll never forget my Alma Mater and the teachers who have given me the strength to fly. Now, as a great aspirer, I am ready to face any difficulty in life and move on to achieve the desired goals in life.

Last but not the least, I am greatly honored that you all have been here to view my spells for the exam and I am sure they will definitely help you at some point. And if you like the site’s contents, feel that it will be beneficial for others too and/or have any suggestions/doubts, please do comment, like, share, follow, refer the site to others and watch out for more to come.

Academic wishes from your only SSCbuddy.

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