“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”

– John F. Kennedy

Nothing happens overnight. The wheels start rolling years ago. It requires endless efforts to make it unique and beneficial. It is matter of the hardwork, knowledge and experience of my family and my expert mentors to took a stance to make everything and me the way it is! So, I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all those to guided, motivated, helped, recommended and supported me in my Std. 10 studies as well as my studies and also for their involvement and their willingness to take on a step further to help me beyond their comfort zones.

First and foremost, I thank my family – my father Mr. Pritam Arvind Mhatre, mother Mrs. Smita Pritam Mhatre, sister Shivani Mhatre, my paternal and maternal grandparents as well as all other relatives who gave me a moral support and also support in whatever good I do, now and forever. Some pillars of support –

  • Mr. Arvind Mhatre – Paternal Grandfather
  • Mrs. Suman Mhatre – Paternal Grandmother
  • Mr. Murlidhar Bankar – Maternal Grandfather
  • Mrs. Suhasini Bankar – Maternal Grandmother
  • Mr. Ujjwal Mhatre (Paternal Uncle), Mrs. Deepa Mhatre and family
  • Mr. Sanjay Patil, Mrs. Beena Patil (Paternal Aunty)  and family
  • Mr. Ravindra Patil, Mrs. Minal Patil (Paternal Aunty) and family
  • Mr. Tushar Palkar, Mrs. Vaishali Palkar (Maternal Aunty) and family
  • Mr. Samir Bankar (Maternal Uncle), Mrs. Smita Bankar and family

 These are the people who took immense care of me during the entire year of Std. 10th.

A word of thanks to Dr. Rohan Gavankar who has always been a pillar of support, family-friend, mentor, guide, counsellor, supporter and many more right since childhood. I am always grateful for your contribution towards me.

I must mention my deep sense of appreciation for all my teachers right from nursery who nurtured me to instill great values in me. Especially, I am grateful to all my teachers of Std. IX and X for guiding me way through SSC 2016-17. My heartfelt thanks also go to Mrs. Jacinta Almeida – my Std. II class teacher for bringing out the hidden talent within me at that time. Had it not been you, I would be nowhere.

My Teachers of Std. IX and X – The origin of most of the tips

  • Mr. Narayanan Kutty – English
  • Mrs. Priscilla D’mello – English and History & Political Science
  • Mrs. Rubina Rodrigues – English and Geography & Economics
  • Mrs. Shahina Shaikh – English
  • Mr. Lester Fernandes – English
  • Mrs. Roshni Coelho – English
  • Mr. Francis D’mello- Marathi
  • Mrs. Arpina Coelho – Marathi
  • Mr. Diago Lobo – Marathi
  • Mrs. Shweta Gharat – Marathi
  • Mrs. Vaishali Shipurkar – Marathi
  • Mrs. Janet Pereira – Marathi
  • Mrs. Anita Patil – All, specialized in Sanskrut
  • Mrs. Mandakini Pingale – Sanskrut
  • Mrs. Anuja Kulkarni – Sanskrut
  • Mrs. Madhura Khandekar – Sanskrut
  • Mrs. Manisha Sonawane – Sanskrit
  • Mrs. Vijaya Raghunath – Algebra, Geometry and Science I
  • Mr. Wilton Pereira – Algebra, Geometry and Science I
  • Mr. Sumedh Sane – Algebra
  • Mr. Mukesh Pol- Geometry
  • Mrs. Sudha Sudhir – Algebra, Geometry and Science I
  • Mrs. Belina Silveira – Algebra, Geometry and Science I
  • Mrs. Cheryl Cerejo – Algebra, Geometry, Science I and I.C.T.
  • Mrs. Joyce Pharel – Science II
  • Mrs. Agatha Carvalho – Science II
  • Mrs. Jui Sinkar – Science I and Science II
  • Mrs. Priyanka Shah – Science I and Science II
  • Mrs. Linel D’mello- Science I and Science II
  • Mrs. Janet Dias – Science II
  • Mr. Hiren Dave – History & Political Science
  • Mr. Melwin Dias – History & Political Science and English
  • Mrs. Anjlina Rodrigues – History & Political Science and English
  • Mr. Krishnakumar Jaiswal – Geography & Economics
  • Mrs. Rachel D’souza – Geography & Economics

A word of Gratitude to all my other teachers because you laid a foundation of my knowledge, ignited the torch of learning and instilled numerous moral values which surely have and will help in time to come !!!

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Phalashruti Pariksha Yojana, its directors, teachers and helping staff. It was because of the intensive paper writing and one-to-one paper guidance that I kept improving as every paper set went on.

A big ‘Thank You’ to my alma mater – St. Anthony’s Convent High School. It is because of the schooling given that I have become what I am today. Thank you to all the sisters, teaching and non-teaching staff. Similarly, I thank Samarth Classes, Parnaka, Vasai (W) to coach me during IX and X classes. It was always a fun to be with you all along with study.

A word of gratitude also goes to WordPress.com for hosting my website. The same to other software resources that helped me to make this website attractive.

I regret if I have forgotten to thank anyone else.

Last but not the least, I thank the God who guided me through the correct path in the form of everyone mentioned above.



Happy Studying and Teaching.. See you soon…