Languages- English (03), Marathi (16), Sanskrit (27) Paper & Study Tips

Hello. नमस्कार. नमस्ते । नमो नमः । It is indeed a great pleasure to tell more about some important subjects - Languages.



Exams are upcoming so why not look at these IMPORTANT tips regarding before and during exams days?


Hello, friends. It has been a long time since I wrote an entire post. Well, the wait is no more. This time, I am going to share few important tips regarding study and related matter. Go on reading and if you like it, PLEASE SHARE THE POST AND WEBSITE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, TEACHERS AND OTHERS … Continue reading GENERAL STUDY TIPS

Social Sciences (73) Paper & Study Tips

Navigate through this post to discover some new lands full of presentation treasure chests to give the examiner a sweet surprise bomb.

Science and Technology (72) Paper & Study Tips

Hello, everyone. Nice to talk with you again. So as the title of the post says, I am going to guide you through various suggestions regarding How to, What to study in Science I; what to do during examination and also some part regarding the paper presentation; of which almost all had been given to me by various teachers. Redirect for more.

Geography – Economics (73) March 2017 Solution

Downloadable version in the DOWNLOADS PAGE (click to redirect). Note : The prime purpose of the post is better presentation. Answers in the actual board’s answer key may be different. Friends, in this presentation post, there are only a few things like leaving lines, drawing borders, drawing map scale in stencil maps, etc. which are … Continue reading Geography – Economics (73) March 2017 Solution

Sanskrit (27) March 2017 Solution

Downloadable version in the DOWNLOADS PAGE (click to redirect). So, friends, in Sanskrut, there aren't much things which are not so requires. In case of writing, the board has instructed to write the question statements compulsorily. Other things like boxes, pencils clues in Q. 5 F] Do as directed, etc. need not be done, but … Continue reading Sanskrit (27) March 2017 Solution